Introduction to Joey Atlas

JoeyJoey Atlas, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a renowned fitness trainer, coach and fitness author and his specialty to transform body shape has been accepted worldwide with which he has helped thousands of men and women. His approach to body transformation is absolutely unique as he provides his clients with an amazingly effective formula to improve, not just body figure, but also overall body functions. Though he is helping people changing their lifestyle since late eighties, he decided to compile his research and training work in form of ebooks and videos in 1999.

Educational Background

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York in 1992 and then he decided to join Long Island University in Dobbs Ferry from where he obtained Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in 1997.


In his childhood, he was overweight and he was often teased with bad names by his family members and other children. Those who saw him in his childhood can’t even imagine that one day he would be helping people get beautiful and attractive bodies by devising Joey Atlas exercises, exclusive Joey Atlas cellulite exercises and Joey Atlas workout.

Motivation to Be a Fit Person and a Fitness Trainer

The strong desire to look like a strong person and have an impressive physique led him to work hard to gain as much weight as he wanted. When he started his journey, he did not intend to become a personal fitness trainer, but his own successful transformation made him think of sharing his knowledge with the other people.

Training Studio

He decided to move to Ponte Vedra Beach in 1999 where he established a Fitness Training Centre. He was confident enough to run successfully his new business as he had everything that anyone might need to attract people i.e. knowledge, skills, experience and quite unique ideas towards body fitness which helped him to fascinate the residents of that new town and they did not hesitate to join him. His training methods and instructing style both were appealing for new comers. He is now a known fitness trainer in the industry.

Being An Author

He is the author of the bestselling e-book on cellulite treatment known as ‘Truth About Cellulite” which has gained so much popularity among people especially ladies within a very short period of time and surely this is one of his greatest achievement. He has also written a large number of articles on fitness which can be found on various fitness websites. He has also been writing for ClubLife Magazine for many years.

Does Joey Atlas Program Work?

This is the topmost concern of every person who intends to use this program in order to get rid of the fat deposits stored in one’s abdomen, thighs, legs, butt and hips. To answer it in a short phrase, ‘Yes’ can be safely said about Joey’s program.

Joey is a citified personal trainer and has helped thousands of men and women to get rid of their cellulite affected body areas like thighs, abdomen, arms, butts, legs and hips which ultimately boosted those people’s confidence level and led them to live their lives with full charm and success.

Joey Atlas Reviews

Joey’s potential service and program takers are found searching reviews about Joey before they take one final decision to be a client of Joey. In fact, Joey Atlas is one of the well-known and demanded fitness trainers and one will very soon discover about the credibility and effectiveness of Joey Atlas.

People are more willing to know if it is only a Joey Atlas scam or the person is a real deal. In fact, such a concern is very valid since there are any scams going on; in case of Joey, you will discover that it is not a scam as he has spent plentiful of time in this industry and Truth About Cellulite Program (Naked Beauty) is one valuable effort done by him for the cellulite sufferers.